Sunday, October 21, 2012


My intentions right now match those of any other college age girl you could pick off of the street. I want to find what I am most passionate about and fill my life with it. I began my freshman year with the intentions of being pre-med, going into a noble, secure field that I'd grown up surrounded by (my whole family is in medicine in some way), but after a semester and a half of crying over my honors level physics class, I realized I wouldn't be happy if I had to live in a world of science and math forever, which I should have figured out when I decided to be a pre-med french major. I've always gravitated towards the arts; music, pottery, fashion, photography, you name it, I'm interested. So while I may not have the talent to be a studio arts major, my perfect college had the perfect course of study: arts management. That has brought me into my sophomore year, not only getting through art history classes, but learning the ins and outs of business and economics as well. So here I am, trying to figure out what I love the most and what will really inspire me to get the most out of my life, which is what we all really want, so I hope you enjoy sharing my journey, and see that it probably reflects your own.

 I'm fortunate enough to attend College of Charleston, and get to live in the newly appointed "Best City in the World". Views like this are everywhere, yet they never fail to wow me.
 I work at the most incredible shop helping floral designers! The owners have created a magical retail store that merges with an event planning business and florist.s (Check it out! ) This job has really started to inspire me and pave my path to my passions.
It's rare to see me without a coffee/chai tea... very rare.
This is my adorable little bug Harry! I adopted him a few months ago and have turned from hardcore dog lover into the craziest cat lady. I will probably post far too many pictures of him on here, like I do on instagram and twitter... but just look at that face! Could you resist?

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